Faction Tokens: Hirelings

Release Date 3/1/2017
Retail Price $50.00
Manufacturer Muse On, LLC
Category Clearance Items, Miniature Accessories and Tools
UPC 00850811007350
Weight (lb) 0.378

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Vibrant, scratch resistant, two sided tokens, allow you to immerse yourself in your games whether you bring the pain with pigs, or gators!

Token List:

Upkeeps: Death March, Warpath, Carnivore, Occultation, Parasite, Aggravator, Crippling Grasp, Forced Evolution, Guardian Beast, Defender's Ward, Battle Host, Grave Wind, Quagmire, Death Pact, Calamity, Admonition, Fury, Polarity Shield, Vision, Stonehold, Haunting Melody, Pig Pen

Spells: Batten Down the Hatches, 2 Battle Lust, 3 Boundless Charge, Dash, 2 Dead Weight, Deceleration, 2 Distraction, 3 Ghost Walk, Killing Ground, 2 Mistwalker, Mobility, 2 Mortality, 2 Muzzle, Spellpiercer, Star Crossed

Abilities: Applied Knowledge, Arcane Interference & Paralysis, Beast Lore, Cacophony & Call of Defiance, Craft Talisman, Curse, 10 Dig In, 3 Dirge of Mists, Grave Door, 2 Guidance, Hunters Mark & Winter Storm, 3 Mischief, 3 Oil, 3 Power, 3 Prey, 2 Raw Adrenaline & Brain Damage, Reconnaissance, 2 Rust & Brain Damage, Spirit Bind, Stealth, Sturm & Drang, 3 Weaken, Wind Barrier, 2 Zombify

Animi: 2 Counterblast, 2 Elasticity, 2 Lucky Shot, 4 Primal, 3 Rage, 2 Rites of Power, 2 Spiny Growth, 3 Still as Death, 2 Submerge, 2 Swarm

Generic: 1 Feat, 1 Mini Feat, 30 Fury