Faction Tokens: The Wildlings

Release Date 3/1/2017
Retail Price $50.00
Manufacturer Muse On, LLC
Category Clearance Items, Miniature Accessories and Tools
UPC 00850811007343
Weight (lb) 0.384

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Get primal and unleash the beasts with this vibrant full color 2 sided set of tokens for use with your Circle of Oroboros army. Rugged tokens designed to withstand the tolls that being in your boxes or dice bag.

Token List:

Upkeeps: Admonition, Affliction, Awakened Spirit, Carnivore, Curse of Shadows, Death March, Dog Pile, Fog of War, Forced Evolution, Guardian Beast, Harvest, Inviolable Resolve, Lightning Tendrils, Mirage, Mystic Wards, Occultation, Rebuke, Regrowth, Restoration, Scything Touch, Solid Ground, Stone Skin, Storm Rager, Sunhammer, Synergy, Vengeful, Warpath, Wild Aggression

Spells: Bestial, Carnage, Gale Winds, 2 Muzzle, 3 Roots of the Earth, Shadow Pack, Skyborne, 2 Spirit Fang, 3 Stranglehold, 2 Sunder Spirit, Windstorm

Abilities: 2 Berserk, 2 Concentrated Fire, 3 Doppler Bark, 2 Elemental Protection, 2 Ghostly, 2 Hunter's Grace, 2 Hunter's Mark, Murderous, 2 Prey, 2 Protective Plates, 3 Prowl, 2 Shadow Bind, 2 Sigil of Power, Snacking, 2 Spell Ward, 2 Stone Form, 2 Stone Shield, 2 Warp Speed, 4 Warp Strength, 2 Weight of Stone

Animi: 2 Amuck, 2 Arcane Suppression, 2 Druid's Wrath, 2 Earth's Blessing, 2 Elusive, 2 Hunting Howls, 2 Primal, 2 Puissance, 2 Sky Fire, 2 Spiny Growth, 2 Undergrowth, 2 Winter Coat, 2 Wraithbane

Generic: 30+ Fury, Feat, Mini Feat