GB: Farmers: Honest Land Tokens

Release Date 10/11/2017
Retail Price $20.00
Manufacturer Muse On, LLC
Category Clearance Items, Miniature Accessories and Tools
UPC 00850811007725
Weight (lb) 0.14

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Guildball Season 3 is about to Kickoff and with that Muse on Minis is launching our new officially licensed Guildball Tokens. These Vibrant, 2 sided durable tokens and Neoprene Area of Effect markers will look great on any pitch.

Crop Dusting (3" AoE)
Snackbreak (standard character play)
5 Harvest tokens (30mm)
Reanimate Used (standard character play)
Cabbage Punt (standard character play)
Huge Tracts of Land (standard character play)
Constitution (standard character play)
Honest Labour (standard character play)
Big Breakfast (40mm character play)
Tooled-up (standard character play)
Cocksure (standard character play)
17x Influence
2x Goal Influence