ITTD17:Most Popular Game in MotherRussia

SKU HB8000
Release Date 4/29/2017
Retail Price $14.99
Manufacturer Hunters Books
Category Clearance Items, Non Collectible Card Games
UPC 9780997671162
Weight (lb) 0.171

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This product is a special product for International Tabletop Day 2017, and will be in limited availability for. For more information go to

GAME - Most Popular Game in all Mother Russia: Not Reallyā€¯ is a simple, fun game you can use to enhance the gameplay of other silly, nimble games around your table that are less important than GAME! Using GAME, create house rules for your favorite titles. GAME is very small in size and easy to bring to parties where potato water is abundant. GAME is the most exclusive Microgame for International Tabletop Day 2017, and will not be available in stores again!

GAME Rules
GAME Manifesto
Official GAME Dice.

All peoples can benefit from nights of enjoying their favorite game with GAME!