MLP: ToE: Filly Sized Follies

Release Date 6/10/2019
Retail Price $15.99
Manufacturer ALC Studio
Category Clearance Items, Role Playing Games
UPC 9780993218477
Weight (lb) 0.665

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Filly Sized Follies is the fifth adventure book in the Tails of Equestria line. This book contains not one, but THREE different stories to play through, perfect for ponies ranging from levels 2-5. All around Equestria there are ponies in need, and only you can help them!

In this book you will find:
Three brand new adventure stories that can easily fit into any ongoing game or be played by themselves.
A range of challenges for fresh-faced characters, through to experienced adventurers.
A whole host of new characters, each with brand new original artwork!
Stories that focus on helping other ponies. Bring the Magic of Friendship to the table, in stories inspired by ‘friendship problem’ episodes of the cartoon show.
Simple and easy to run stories, that brand new GMs and players will love!