Mutant Crops

Release Date 1/26/2018
Retail Price $24.99
Manufacturer Atheris Games
Category Board Games, Clearance Items
UPC 865145000229
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In a near future, agrotoxics and contamination created some strange mutant plants... who are really scary! But hey, profit is profit, so you have to be the best farmer and make them grow.

You have 12 actions in the table (half face down, half face up) that allows you to gather resources (tokens), get plants, and nurture them. Each turn you have 2/3 actions, and what you use and what you block stop your friends to do the same. You need to take care of your resources, and you don't know exactly what action is available next, so your plans can be hard to reach. You have to get your crops well nurtured to score, and they do crazy stuff together, so keep and eye in other players crops, to be sure you have the best mutants to score points and win the game.

Mutant Crops is a fast and light resource manager, a perfect introductory game to euros mechanics who plays in half an hour.

2-4 players
Ages 14+
15-30 minute play time