Ninja All-Stars: Clan Ika

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In a land where paranoia and insularism are a way of life, the Ika are famous for being even more secretive, cryptic, and distrustful of outsiders than usual. Ika stick to their own families and clan, only taking part in the larger politics and power struggles of Kagejima based on mysterious criteria known only to themselves.

For all these dour stereotypes the Ika are warm and fearsomely protective once their trust has been gained. The ire of the Ika is like the sea, ponderous, but not to be trifled with. They are also renowned throughout the Kingdom of the Moon for brewing the most potent and delicious Sake. Many shinobi claim this powerful drink makes them better fighters.

Miniatures are supplied unpainted.

1 Ika Chunin
4 Ika Kaiken
2 Ika Yajiri
2 Ika Oni
2 Ika Kunoichi
2 Ika Madoushi
1 Akkorokamui
1 Clan Ika Reference Card
1 Akkorokamui Reference Card