Ninja All-Stars: Hanzo

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Hanzo is a mercenary ronin for Ninja All-Stars. Ronin bring potent new abilities to a player's team that are entirely unique to them. As mercenaries, ronin may be used by any player, on any team. This makes ronin popular choices for every team, regardless of clan, since they may be used to supplement a team's weaknesses in battle or further augment their strengths.

Hanzo features prominently in the Ninja All-Stars 2016 organized play league, Saga of Hanzo. In Saga of Hanzo, players earn exclusive alternate-profile Hanzo cards, ensuring Hanzo's place as one of the most versatile and popular ronin in Ninja All-Stars!

Hanzo has been called many things over his long and storied life: master, teacher, monster, and traitor. Still the Moon Princess has refused to denounce her "wayward hunting hawk". Some say this is for previous unknown services, others because he still serves the Moon Court.

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