Ninja All-Stars: Mochizuki

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Mochizuki eschews here school's preference for subtle poisons or the concealed tanto in favor of the shock and power of paired pistols. Preternaturally swift and silent, Mochizuki is famed for appearing an instant before she turns her guns upon her target in a blaze of flame and thunder, and then vanishing again into the smoke.

Mochizuki is a master of disguise allowing her to travel unnoticed from place to place and appear seemingly out of nowhere to guide events so that they coincide with the Moon Court's interests. Sometime appearing as a crone, a nondescript peasant, a regal lady, or even a wise old man she is able to be anywhere, hear anything, affect anyone when necessary.

These products require Ninja All-Stars main game to play.

Ninja All-Stars miniatures are supplied unpainted.