Ninja All-Stars: Musashi

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Musashi is a mercenary ronin for Ninja All-Stars. Ronin bring potent new abilities to a playerӳ team that are entirely unique to them. As mercenaries, ronin may be used by any player, on any team. This makes ronin invaluable assets for every team, regardless of clan, since they may be used to supplement a teamӳ weaknesses in battle or further augment their strengths.

For years, Musashi has wandered Kagejima, studying, debating, and fighting with masters from every school he could find. After some years, he found that he no longer sought to master the sword; he sought, instead, to master himself. Since the tool no longer mattered, he abandoned his weapon for a pair of mighty oars. Now he travels on, searching for himself, and refining the art of the wooden blades.