OneDice Urban Fantasy

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Release Date 5/29/2017
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Manufacturer Cakebread & Walton
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Quick and easy urban fantasy role-playing rules

OneDice Urban Fantasy is a game of hidden magic in a fictionalised version of our world, where the enchantment of the Otherworlds spills over into mundane reality. The action takes place in the present day, in a fae-haunted city near you. Whether you want to play a Rosicrucian occultist, a werewolf detective, or a fae-blooded rock star, all the rules you need are in this book. There are additional "skins" for adding other urban fantasy genres - the magic school, the modern world with magic everywhere, and a world with magic but no fae. Now get ready to rumble - the Unseelie Court have made a pact with the Twilight Brotherhood and there's trouble brewing at the Goblin Market!