Ophidian 2360: SotF: War Machine vs Bio

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War Machine, featuring Legion, Azulor Apók, The Hunter, and Berserker. This is a Tech deck with heavy War backup, relentless and aggressive.


Bio-Hazard, featuring Pandemica, Zenith, Pathogenesis, and G'frhtru. Are you feeling all right? This deck will make your opponents feel sick! The mutations and diseases packed into this deck are backed up by some hardcore Tech.

Ophidian 2360: Survival of the Fittest is a non-collectible standalone expansion to the Ophidian 2350 arena combat game. Pit futuristic gladiators against each other using unique and thematic mechanisms.

In the game, each player brings a team of up to four gladiators to the table, along with a customized deck that's driven by the selected gladiators. Gameplay revolves around a momentum-based system that allows the player with the momentum to continue to take actions until they lose momentum, at which point their opponent picks up and continues.

Players use resources to supply their gladiators with equipment and minions (support characters). The crowd gets involved through cheer and also provides an alternate victory condition. Win the crowd, and you win the game!

Mix and match cards from any Ophidian 2360: Survival of the Fittest decks:
Mental Block vs. Warrior's Resolve
War Machine vs. Bio-Hazard
The Art of War vs. Otherworld Allies

Playing with four players will require a total of four playable decks.

Many character options, 4 different win conditions, and a large number of in-game choices/options makes this a truly unique and engaging game!