PC: Downtown Building

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Manufacturer Wyrd Miniatures
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Plast Craft offers a host of great terrain for Malifaux players and miniature players alike! Plast Craft products are foamed PVC scenery that is easy to assemble and looks beautiful when finished.

There are two scenery lines available: the Standard and the ColorED lines. The Standard is unpainted and the ColorED line come pre-colored, allowing players to quickly assemble and then use the terrain!

The Downtown Building comes in a pack including different foamed PVC pieces and pre-painted plastic windows.

Some of the pieces come in a PVC sheet and you will need to cut the connections that fix them to the PVC sheet. It is also recommended to use a cyanocrylate glue or a product similar to this when assembling these products.

This set can be painted with acrylic paint and it is recommended to use a primer before painting.

Miniature scenery are supplied unpainted unless otherwise noted and assembly is required. Sizes are approximate estimates. Miniatures are not included.

Size (overall set):
Width: 205mm/ 8in
Height: 197mm/ 7.8in
Length: 276mm/ 10.9in

1 Main building
1 Walkway
1 Stairway
1 Ladder