PFRPG: Razor Coast: Heart of the Razor

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Winner of the 2014 Silver ENnie award for Best Adventure!

Razor Coast: Heart of the Razor contains four swashbuckling adventures by award-winning writers for use with or without the Razor Coast Campaign Book.

"Jungle Fever" by Owen KC Stephens is an island hopping adventure of greed, betrayal, and undead vengeance for three to five characters of 11th-12th level, with a supernatural plague and an infamous pirate turned-drug-lord. "Angry Waters" by Richard Pett is a 10th level treasure hunt for taboo riches, featuring mad admirals, beautiful captains, forbidden islands, dread beasts, and dark magics best left undisturbed. "Sinful Whispers" by Tom Knauss is an adventure of rescue, redemption, and the ancient terrors of a forgotten age, for four to six 5th level characters. Finally, "The Black Spot" by Gary McBride offers a mysterious shipwreck that leads to the discovery of a chilling extradimensional depravity, designed for four to six 5th level characters.