Reef Route

Release Date 11/29/2017
Retail Price $21.95
Manufacturer Brain Games USA, LLC
Category Board Games, Clearance Items
UPC 4751010195380
Weight (lb) 1.057

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One moment, you’re a happy tropical fish, swimming with your friends in the beautiful coral reef, then suddenly a rip current picks you up and flings you far from the safety of your home. Taking in your new surroundings, you notice something approaching you from the distance… A group of sharks has appeared in your path!

It’s time to find shelter in the reef before your predators can eat you alive!

Reef Route is a fun and tactical game about outmaneuvering your opponents while staying clear of your predators! The first fish to safety, or the last fish still alive and swimming, wins the game.

2-4 players
Ages 5+
15 minute play time

Game board
2 colored dice
6 predatory fish
16 small fish tokens
Game rules