Renaissance Wars

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Manufacturer US Games Systems, Inc.
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A game filled with intriguing history and magnificent art!

Take on the role of a Renaissance Luminary, battle opponents, and accumulate the wealth and power to dominate each Era of the game!

In the game of Renaissance Wars, you must quickly adapt to changing circumstances and events, using only the cards in your hand and the powers of your chosen Luminary. But be careful... when you least expect it, an Intrusion may occur that completely upsets the balance of power and may destroy even the most carefully laid plans!

Includes a 29-page full-color instruction and guidebook, 128 cards, 6 Luminary Mats, 1 Initiative Indicator, 4 Condition Markers, 6 Luminary Portraits with stands, 6 Card Envelopes, 4 Reference Guides, 90 Coins , and 1 Game Board.

For 2 to 4 players, Ages 12 and UP