Rifts CE: SB1 - Creatures of Chaos

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Rifts ChaosEarthSB1: Creatures of ChaosPalladium Books ISBN-10: 1574570927 ISBN-13: 978-157457092264 pagesRifts(R) Chaos Earth Sourcebook One: Creatures of ChaosThe surface of the planet has been devastated by storms, earthquakes, tidal waves, and the return of magic. Only pockets of civilization have survived. Then come the DemonPlagues. Swarms of weird, alien and demonic creatures pour out of the dimensional rifts. Creatures that see humans either as prey or playthings to enslave or torment. Nightmarish things that threatento tear apart what few bastions of human civilization have survived. Creatures of Chaos is jam-packed with unearthly creatures that represent the menacing and bizarre, the mischievous and the maniacal, Some are supernatural hellspawn, and others are just plain weird, but all are dangerous. - Dozens of demons and monsters specific to the apocalyptic setting. - More on NEMA and how they respond to the Demon Plagues. - Human pawns and madmen who serve supernatural evil.