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Based on the popular game concept of Werewolf and Mafia, Rumplestiltskin offers a re-imagined take with our Fairytale Games theme. Set as a party game best played with 6+ players, we've expanded upon the core mechanics and offer character traits, abilities, and spells you may use as either Rumplestiltskin, his clones or the villagers of Nottingham. You will play as well-known characters such as the Little Mermaid, Red Riding Hood, Briar Rose, Mad Hatter and more!


-42 Beautifully illustrated cards set in the -Fairytale Games Universe
-New card mechanics - Traits
-New card mechanics - Spells
-New character abilities
-Refreshing take on a classic game (werewolf/mafia)
-NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 6-20 Players
-GAME TIME: 30-90 Minutes