Smash Monster Rampage! Mega Monster Box

SKU 5TH1005M
Retail Price $60.00
Manufacturer 5th Street Games
Category Board Games, Clearance Items
UPC 091037869302
Weight (lb) 5.934

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Expansion to Smash Monster Rampage! base game.
The town is under attack again! Choose from 16 unique monsters to protect the town from, each with its own mechanics and cards.
The Mega Monster Box also introduces new unit types, weapon tokens for one-time attack bonuses, and variant Smash dice for a more challenging game.
Game Description:
1 Double Sided Board
3 Jumbo Monster Dice
16 Monster Decks
16 Monsters and Accompanying Pieces
4 Artillery Tokens
4 Rocket Truck Tokens
4 Solider Tokens
2 Jet Tokens
2 Fire Truck Tokens
4 Mine Tokens
4 Mortar Tokens
4 Long Range Missile Tokens
2 Guided Missile Tokens
2 Stun Missile Tokens
Rule Book