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Release Date 5/17/2017
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In this science‐fiction space game designed by Wolfgang and Brigitte Ditt players try to solar mine the suns of other galaxies. Solaris is a family friendly strategy game that offers many tactical choices and different strategies to claim victory.

2100 AD The fossil energy reserves of the earth are almost exhausted.

2120 AD Wolfgang and Brigitte Ditt, the famous scientists, succeeded in producing an artificial wormhole. This makes interstellar journeys of any size possible.

2130 AD Space stations equipped with highperformance solar panels called Solaris circle red giants and send the generated energy directly to the earth using the new laser and wormhole technology.

2135 AD The energy problems of the earth are solved, humanity could live in peace, but this should not be permanent.

2140 AD Big companies will soon begin to argue for the supremacy of the Solar Mining.

6 Station tableaus
Laser centre tableau
5 Overview tile
35 token, 7 per player
Station marker
10 start position tiles, 5 A tiles, 5 B tiles
Turn marker
8 energy bridge tiles
4 energy transport token
108 energy cards

3-5 players
Ages 12+
60 minute play time