Worm Party

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Release Date 5/17/2017
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Manufacturer Queen Games
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What a beautiful life it is in worm garden. Every worm is happy, busy with their daily life. And today the worms will celebrate their great worm party, so everyone is excited fort that.
But what’s that?

Chicken Charly is on his way to the worm garden and of course that alarms all the worms to jump back in their mounds and hide from Charly. Everyone hopes to be hidden safely.

Let’s see how many worms he’ll catch his time and who will stay until the end to celebrate the party.

In this exciting hide&seek game, the fingers of the players are the worms, hiding from Chicken Charly underneath the earth mounds of the 3D worm garden.

3D worm garden including 5 cardboard tiles and 4 textile components
2 cover tiles
7 mound plastics
72 victory-point token
Chicken Charly tile
Sticker sheet
Rule booklet