WWX: Terrain: Red Oak Town House

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Release Date 6/20/2018
Retail Price $32.00
Manufacturer Wayland Games
Category Clearance Items, Miniature Accessories and Tools
UPC 5060504864978
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This multi-level building is typical of the homes the more wealthy settlers inhabit out West. Not only does this bring about new gameplay element with its size, the building itself is hugely customisable and is compatible with elements from the Red Oak Residence to create a truly unique set of buildings for your town.

Red Oak Town House Building
Assembly Instructions

The Red Oak Town House is 2 stories and has a modular design, allowing access to the inside of the building during play. It is also fully compatible with the Red Oak Residence kit. Scenery items are manufactured in Medium Density Fibre Board (MDF). Buildings are supplied primed and some assembly will be required.