Zimby Mojo

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Manufacturer Devious Weasel
Category Board Games, Clearance Items
UPC 015568001574
Weight (lb) 4.017

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Zimby Mojo is a co-opportunistic game for 2 - 8 players that also supports solo play. Each player is the all-powerful shaman of a tribe of ferocious, conniving, vicious little cannibals called zimbies, and each player has a single goal: to become the new Cannibal King. To achieve their goal, each player will have to use their zimbies to infiltrate the current King's compound, kill him, take his Crown, and carry it safely to their tribal board before a rival zimby tribe can do so first. In solo play, the player must use their zimbies, scrolls, and strategy to defeat the Cannibal King, evade his thugs, and bring the Cannibal Crown to their tribal board before time runs out. In a multiplayer game, the players must work together to gain access to the Cannibal King's sanctum before they can confront him. Once they kill the King, however, it's every tribe for itself and the player that reaches their tribal board with the King's Crown immediately becomes the new Cannibal King and wins the game! Keep one eye on the Crown. Keep the other on your back.

Made in China.