Genesis: Battle of Champions Jaelara BD

Release Date 8/20/2021
Retail Price $120.00
Manufacturer Haunted Castle Gaming
Category Collectible Card Games
UPC 693085951611
Weight (lb) 1.53

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King Ammet has raised Vadhis to a mighty empire and now he has his eyes on the rest of Jaelara. With the power of the Angels behind him, his Champions, and his partnership with Ajna, he is confident that he can bring the people of Vishud and Sahas under his rule.

The complete Welcome to Jaelara set contains: 36 Epic Rares, 36 Rares, 35 Uncommons, 50 Commons, 8 Champions, 4 Aura Cards and 10 Tip Cards.

24x booster packs per display

1 Rare
1 Champion or Tip card
3 Uncommons
10 Commons

1 in 8 booster packs will replace one Common with and Epic Rare.