Luck & Logic: Aid & Arms BD

Release Date 1/6/2017
Retail Price $70.00
Manufacturer Bushiroad, Inc.
Category Clearance Items, Collectible Card Games
UPC 8885009403418
Weight (lb) 0.737

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Luck & Logic: Aid & Arms introduces a new rarity that is stronger than RR—Trance Rare (TR). Also look for the foil version—Infinity Trance Rare. There is an increased number of different R rarity cards in this set compared to previous sets. There are many key cards included to build a wide array of decks. Every box includes one of two possible PR cards (special gate cards) as a box topper. Featured characters include Nina Alexandrovna, Sena Yurine, Yukari Nanahoshi, Veronica Ananko, Ashley Bradbury, Chloe Maxwell, Aoi Iroha, and Sieghard Krauss. World of Power (Monolium) and World of Rationality (Tritomy) are also featured.