Bakugan: PRO Faction Bundle Pack

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Manufacturer Spin Master
Category Collectible Card Games
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Expand your Bakugan Pro card collection with all-new, powerful Faction Bundles! With all of the core Bakugan factions represented like Pyrus, Ventus, Darkus and more (each sold separately), Faction Bundles are the perfect way to strategically build and boost your card decks! Each bundle features four 11-card Booster Packs, 10 faction-specific ability cards, an exclusive foil trading card and a Bakugan deck box for storage. With so many epic cards included, you can create your perfect deck and head straight into battle. Stacked with Action, Evo, Hero and Flip cards, plus Baku-Gear and Fusion cards, take Battle Arena by storm! Unleash the power of the Fusion cards and power up your Bakugan with the Baku-Gear accessories when you play Baku-Gear cards during a brawl! Use your favorite cards from your Faction Bundle to edge out opponents or trade cards with friends. The exclusive foil collector card in every Faction Bundle is a must-have for Bakugan fans! Store your cards inside the Faction-specific storage box and take them with you for battling on the go. Collect all of the Bakugan Pro Faction Bundles and build the ultimate card collection!