Spoils: Box of Awesomeness: Splatters

SKU ATM81001
Retail Price $24.00
Manufacturer Arcane Tinmen
Category Collectible Card Games
UPC 5706569810023
Weight (lb) 1.079

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This is the perfect place for new players of The Spoils to start. The box contains five ready-to-play 40-card decks; one for each of the five trades, along with Quick Start Rules and Glossary. Also included are 5 random foil cards and 5 foil resources. All of this is packed inside a cool box covered in the art of The Spoils.

Arcane Tinmen leads the charge against the scourge of "new game confusion" with this New Player Pack! Everything you need to play comes in one handy, newb friendly box. The decks are easy and fun to use while still providing a rich game play experience with rules that are simple to follow. Dig in!