Spoils: UH1:Shade of Devoured Emperor BD

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This is the first expansion in the Unlikely Heroes block: Shade of the Devoured Emperor! Featuring 130 brand new cards, s is the first expansion set produced to contain an entirely new story that sets the stage for future sets. This set also marks a return to the booster pack format, allowing players to enjoy Shade in draft, sealed, and constructed formats!

Returning to the world of Clockman seen in the First Edition expansions, Shade of the Devoured Emperor sees the return of some of our favorite Spoils characters, including Jo Ciendeilio, Pluck, Eldridge Gosche and more!

Players will enjoy all five trades getting their fair tricks in the Shade. While some game mechanics will be familiar, Shade of the Devoured Emperor also introduces some exciting new game play strategies that are sure to entice the players and shake up the metagame.

13 cards per booster
12 boosters per display