TRAN: TCG: War for Cybertron Siege BD

SKU WOCC69420000
Release Date 6/28/2019
Retail Price $119.70
Manufacturer Wizards of the Coast
Category Collectible Card Games
UPC 630509854561
Weight (lb) 1.939

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Choose a side - Autobot or Decepticon!

Each War for Cybertron Siege I TCG Booster Pack contains 1 large foil and 1 small foil TRANSFORMERS Character Card* and 6 Battle Cards.

The set has 48 Character Cards and 64 Battle Cards. War for Cybertron Siege I introduces small TRANSFORMERS Character Cards: Battle Masters and Micro Masters.

For full gameplay, each player builds a team of TRANSFORMERS Character Cards and a deck of 40 or more Battle Cards (up to 25 stars when stars on Character Cards and Battle Cards are added together).

Chance of Super Rare Large TRANSFORMERS Character Card 1:50 Booster Packs. Chance of Uncommon Small TRANSFORMERS Character Card 1:5 Booster Packs. Each Booster Pack contains 1 Rare Battle Card.