Sezrekan’s Sanguivorous Solids Dice Set

Release Date 12/6/2016
Retail Price $24.99
Manufacturer Goodman Games
Category Dice and Dice Bags
Weight (lb) 0.213

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From whence comes the dread sorcerer Sezrekan, none can say, yet it is known that his physical appearance is always presaged by apparitions of strange polyhedrons that crave the blood of innocents. This set contains the very dice that Sezrekan sends forth before his arrival. You can divine numerological truths from the positions in which they fall, the better to spill the blood of your enemies.

Contained within this tube you will find these 14 dice, ready for rolling on your table: D3, D4, D5, D6, D7, D8, D10, D%10, D12, D14, D16, D20, D24, and D30. Game on!

Made in the USA.