Dice Set Bundle: Free Light-Up CDU (30)

SKU R4I50499-B1
Release Date 1/11/2021
Retail Price $599.99
Manufacturer Role 4 Initiative
UPC 609728423643
Weight (lb) 0

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Role 4 Initiative's easy-order Dice Set Bundle includes 30 sets of seven and 16 sets of fifteen in new display box packaging from top-selling styles including Diffusion™, Jade, Marble, Shimmer, and Translucent colors. R4I dice are on average about 20% larger than traditional dice, featuring bigger numbers making them easier to read and roll. For a limited time, each bundle includes a free light-up five-shelf countertop display which holds the entire bundle of dice. This display features a variable brightness control and an efficient footprint allowing for the storage of an additional 100 sets of dice underneath the shelves. The dice and display are discounted 20% from the full retail value.