Full Glue Range + Glue Dispenser

Retail Price $119.76
Manufacturer The Army Painter APS
Category Fixture, Rack, Displays
UPC 2520001114819
Weight (lb) 3.82

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The Army Painter Metal Glue dispenser is a great product displayer for the entire Wargaming Glue concept. This makes it easy for the customer to find the glue they are looking for - and the extra glue they didn't know they needed. The dispenser itself is very easy to restock, as it gives a great overview of your current stock.

The Army Painter glue range contains a glue for every task. Glues are made in the EU, under tight quality control which ensures that the product you offer your customers is always held to the highest standard.

The bottle itself is designed with the user in mind. The precision nozzle delivers a tiny drop of glue, exactly where you need it. Any excess glue does not drip onto your miniature or table, but runs down the nozzle and into a reservoir. This reservoir lowers the chance of the lid gluing shut. The new cap system makes it easier to distinguish between the plastic (Red cap) and super glue (Black cap) when you're in the heat of miniature assembly.

This package deal includes:
1 Metal glue dispenser
1Cardboard backing
6 Super glues
6 Plastic glues
6 Basing glues
6 Super Glue Activators