Pebble Rock Delivery Service DEMO

Release Date 1/20/2021
Retail Price $25.00
Manufacturer Skybound, LLC
Category Game Demos
Weight (lb) 1.67

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Race against your friends through turbulent waters to deliver packages to the colorful creatures of Pebble Rock.

Pebble Rock Delivery Service is a 2 – 4 player “Pick up and Delivery” game in which players race to make deliveries to the friendly critters that live on the islands. A cast of whimsical standees makes the game stand out on any table.

So catch a ride with Maisy the Whale, or dig up some treasure for the wandering pirates, but make sure you watch out for sharks!

2-4 players
Ages 8+
20-40 minute play time

1 Pebble Rock Board
4 Player Boards
4 Delivery Schedules
16 Package Tokens
16 Damage Tokens
20 Passenger Cards
60 Fish Tokens
20 Obstacle Tokens
12 Island Standees
4 Player Standees
3 Creature Standees
1 Lighthouse Standee