Rent-A-Hero DEMO

Release Date 9/8/2016
Retail Price $14.99
Manufacturer IELLO
Category Game Demos
Weight (lb) 0.483

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One demo per store, per year.

Form your band of heroes!

Rival kingdoms are vying to gather the bravest band of heroes in the land! Your goal:
be the first to recruit 6 different heroes to start your adventure!

You play using cards numbered 1 to 7, each number representing a different hero.
During the game, players will pass cards face-down, choosing to gain clues about the
nature of the card. When they receive a card, players either recruit the hero or pass.
When a player has 6 different heroes, he immediately wins the game.

If there are no more cards in the deck and no player has recruited 6 different heroes,
the winner is the player who has the most heroes.

AEG/IELLO co-publishing

3-5 players
Ages 10+
30 minute play time

77 cards (11 of each hero)
5 player aids
1 Rulebook