Whistle Stop Demo

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Manufacturer Bezier Games
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In Whistle Stop, you'll make your way west across the country, using your fledgling railroad company to build routes, pick up valuable cargo and deliver needed goods to growing towns, creating a network of Whistle Stops that you and your competitors can leverage as you continue to expand your networks. Along the way, you'll gain shares in other railroads and watch your reputation soar with each successful delivery before making a final push to complete long hauls to the boom towns of the West.

2-5 players
Ages 13+
75 minute play time

25 Wooden Trains
96 Coal Tokens
20 Gold Nugget Tokens
10 Town Tiles
5 Player Boards
5 Wooden Score Markers
12 Upgrade Cards
30 Railroad Shares
60 Wooden Resource Cubes
24 Whistle Tokens