Gamemaster: Terrain Primer: Display Pack

Release Date 5/15/2021 Preorder
Retail Price $233.82
Manufacturer The Army Painter APS
Category Paints and Brushes
UPC 5713799300095
Weight (lb) 0

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GAMEMASTER: Terrain Sprays is the ultimate foundation when building terrain and scenery. The high quality waterbased sealer and primers has a matt finish, is non-toxic, odorless, hence safe to use, and will not corrode your building materials – even if you are using XPS foam, polystyrene or MDF sheets. Apply multiple thin coats and let it dry for minimum 1 hour before continuing work on your terrain.

The primers covers a solid colour range, which will satisfy most of your needs when creating hobby terrain. With this set, you are sure to experience an easy and perfect coverage with a flat matt finish, while still preserving all the details. The GAMEMASTER Terrain Sprays makes it possible to build any kind of RPG or wargaming terrain faster and easier - making it a great value for your money while also saving time!

1 countertop display
3 Dungeon & Subterrain Terrain Primer
3 Ruins & Cliffs Terrain Primer
3 Wilderness & Woodland Terrain Primer
3 Snow & Tundra Terrain Primer
3 Desert & Arid Wastes Terrain Primer
3 Terrain Sealer