Guildhall Fantasy: Coalition

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Manufacturer Alderac Entertainment Group
Category Clearance Items, Non Collectible Card Games
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Do you have a thirst for adventure? Is your middle name danger? Do you just like treasure? Form a party of adventurers to help you be victorious! The more members of each class you have, the greater the bonus they'll give you-but be careful; your opponents might try to poach your party members!

In Guildhall: Fantasy, 2-4 players compete to create the perfect party by recruiting adventurers into their guildhall chapters. Collect sets of cards with unique abilities to control the table, and complete a full chapter to claim victory cards. Will you go for points quickly, or build up your special powers? Which will lead to ultimate victory? Only you and the gamemaster know!

Cards and rules are taken from the award winning, critical acclaimed, and Kennerspiel des Jahres Recommended Guildhall Old World Economy and Guildhall Job Faire releases.

New fantasy theme and new profession art from Gunship Revolution. Third set, in the Guildhall: Fantasy set; each released one month after the other. Releases may be combined and played together in one big Mega Saga deck or different Professions may be combined to create custom play experiences, including the original Old World Economy and Job Faire releases. Great card game mechanics allow for card combos and tactical decision making. Reduced price point from previous releases.

2-4 Players
Ages: 14+

120 Profession cards
30 VP cards
7 Reference Cards
25 VP tokens