Hordes: Sk: Abidan the Keeper (metal)

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Release Date 1/11/2019
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Manufacturer Privateer Press
Category Miniatures and Miniature Games
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Some few immortals prove exceptional enough to earn esteemed recognition. In life, Abidan was a skilled warrior, though from a family of little standing. In death, he has won glory and honor denied him in life. He was shattered in a clash inside Ios, where he fought back to back with Hakaar the Destroyer. When the extollers recovered his sacral stone and the exalted ancestors spoke his praises, a new, more ornate form was granted him, and so he became the Keeper. Given a special place among the immortals, he fights to safeguard those around him, moving to intercept blows intended for his ancient companions.

Abidan is a companion solo that fights alongside the Ancestral Guardians of the Skorne, protecting his larger allies but also gaining additional offense capabilities when near them. Any army that includes models such as the Ancestral Guardian (PIP 74019) or Hakaar the Destroyer (PIP 74050) will benefit from having this model fighting at their sides.