No Quarter Prime #5

Release Date 5/25/2018
Retail Price $9.00
Manufacturer Privateer Press
Category Clearance Items, Magazines and Comics
UPC 875582022937
Weight (lb) 0.603

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The fifth issue of the all-new No Quarter Prime hits stores with exceptional new content:

Discover the secrets of the blighted ogrun tribes fighting for the dragon Everblight and learn more about the steam-armor clad Man-O-War soldiers of the Motherland in this first-ever dual theme force issue, covering both the Armored Korps for Khador and Primal Terrors for the Legion of Everblight.
Explore the mysterious lands of Ios as “Hostile Territory” delves into the impenetrable Gate of Mists guarding that nation's entrance, get hobby tips for building exciting new terrain, and more.
Plus catch up on the history of the Iron Kingdoms in the fifth installment of volume one of “The Fire & the Forge,” featuring pivotal moments in the personal histories of several warcasters including Coleman Stryker and Vladimir Tzepesci.