Marvel CP: Crashed Sentinel Terrain Exp

Release Date 2/11/2022 Preorder
Retail Price $59.95
Manufacturer Atomic Mass Games
Category Miniatures and Miniature Games
UPC 841333116255
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Enhance Marvel: Crisis Protocol battlefields with the Crashed Sentinel Terrain Pack! Towering robotic enemies of mutant-kind, Sentinels possess advanced energy weapons, the ability to fly, and sensors that help them track down mutants.

This terrain pack makes a crashed version of one of these fearsome machines a feature of Crisis Protocol battles. Featuring a variety of debris, including a Sentinel head, a wrecked car, as well as a Roxxon station and sign, this pack adds even more thematic depth, letting players play out the Marvel battles they’ve always dreamed of.

1 Roxxon Sign
1 Roxxon Station
1 Sentinel Head
1 Wrecked Car