Marvel CP: Juggernaut Character Pack

Release Date 2/11/2022 Preorder
Retail Price $49.95
Manufacturer Atomic Mass Games
Category Miniatures and Miniature Games
UPC 841333116262
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One of the X-Men’s oldest foes enters Marvel: Crisis Protocol! Cain Marko is the brutally strong Juggernaut, a human wrecking ball of unstoppable force who lays waste to everything unlucky enough to be in his path. Possessing unfathomable strength and durability, he is among the strongest physical beings alive.

This character pack brings the Juggernaut to life on the tabletop with a beautifully- sculpted Juggernaut miniature, as well as a stat card outlining all of his abilities. If his brute strength isn’t enough, three Team Tactic cards unlock even more ways for him to be a disruptive force on the battlefield.

1 Juggernaut Miniature
1 Base
1 Character Stat Card
3 Team Tactic Cards