Marvel CP: Rogue & Gambit CP

Release Date 2/11/2022 Preorder
Retail Price $39.95
Manufacturer Atomic Mass Games
Category Miniatures and Miniature Games
UPC 841333116286
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Two iconic characters join the ranks of the X-Men with this character pack for Marvel: Crisis Protocol! Born with a power that is both blessing and curse, the mutant Rogue can absorb the powers and memories of anyone she touches. This remarkable but devastating power allows her to wield the abilities of her foes but leaves them depleted–or worse. Meanwhile, Remy LeBeau is Gambit, a dashing scoundrel with the mutant power to accelerate the molecular energy of an object, transforming mundane items into kinetically-charged explosives. Fighting alongside the X-Men, he dishes out punishment with his bo staff and trademark playing cards.

The Rogue & Gambit Character Pack adds these fan-favorite characters to players’ Marvel: Crisis Protocol rosters with beautifully detailed, unpainted Rogue and Gambit miniatures. In addition to their innate mutant abilities, four Team Tactic cards help players unlock even more potential between Rogue, Gambit, and their fellow X-Men.

1 Rogue Miniature
1 Gambit Miniature
2 Bases
2 Character Stat Cards
4 Team Tactic Cards
9 Tokens