Battlefields: Lowland Shrubs Tuft - XP

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Manufacturer The Army Painter APS
Category Miniature Accessories and Tools
UPC 2542120012450
Weight (lb) 0.045

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The Lowland Shrubs tuft closely imitates the Lush green bushes found in low lying fertile lands.

77 tufts in three different sizes for endless variations!

Each Battlefields XP package contains 77 organic looking tufts, 12 large, 35 meedium and 30 small tufts. The varied sizes of the tufts makes them easy to combine, giving the natural look of swamp, tundra, woodlands or lowlands

The Battlefields XP tufts are individually adhered to a piece of parchment, making them easy to peel off and stick to the base of a miniature. The different sizes of the tufts and subtle variations between colors makes it very easy to combine several tufts to outline the story of a regiment.