S38: 4" x 4" Ruined Hex Hab

Release Date 1/23/2018
Retail Price $14.99
Manufacturer Laser Craft Workshop LLC
Category Miniature Accessories and Tools
UPC 613072914184
Weight (lb) 0.282

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Sector 38; the frontier can be a dangerous place. You don't have to look further than these ruins to see the stars were not meant for man. Each Ruined Blockhouse is a copy of our regular constructions after fighting or natural disaster has struck. They feature the same footprint, access points, and removable roof as their intact counterparts, but have a myriad of new easy access points for scuttling xenos (or a well placed grenade), smashed window frames, cracked plating, and distressed textures. Mix and match with the rest of the Sector 38 line. Designed for 28mm miniatures. Made of sturdy 3mm MDF board. Kits ship unassembled and unpainted.