SW Legion: AT-ST

Release Date 7/1/2020
Retail Price $49.95
Manufacturer Fantasy Flight Games
Category Miniatures and Miniature Games
UPC 841333104849
Weight (lb) 0.77

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The power of the Empire is visible on any subjugated world—and soon, you’ll be able to supplement your Stormtroopers with the All Terrain Scout Transport! An AT-ST is an awe-inspiring sight to the average foot soldier. With the AT-ST Unit Expansion, you’ll find a single finely sculpted, massive AT-ST miniature, which can be assembled to loom over the battlefield and provide a rallying point for your entire army. Alongside this beautiful miniature, you’ll find an assortment of all the unit cards and upgrade cards that you’ll need to fully integrate the AT-ST into the Empire’s war machine—and your armies.