WWX: Outlaws: The Deadly Seven Posse

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Release Date 4/24/2018
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Manufacturer Wayland Games
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Led by the former Sheriff turned Outlaw Earle Shepherd, the Deadly Seven have a reputation not only for their ability to get the job done but also for taking on the jobs no-one else will. Each member of the posse is an expert in their field, from the explosive skills of Idina Vannez and Adam Knox, the swift brutality of Black Blood, Razors Li and Kodiak, or the mechanical ferocity of Faraday or Brutus - the Deadly Seven is a group to be reckoned with!

This boxed set includes eight superbly detailed multi-part plastic miniatures.
Earle Shepherd
Razors Li
Idina Vannez
Black Blood
Adam Knox
8 Bases