WWX:Watchers: Viridian Clade Starter Set

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Release Date 4/24/2018
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Manufacturer Wayland Games
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The Viridian play an important role in the Watchers. Deployed as airborne Chigoe assault units or as fire support Locust teams, the Viridian excel at targeted strikes. The Viridian Betas provide excellent unit command, giving the Chigoe and Locust units the benefit of their leadership and experience. Ultimate authority resides with the Viridian Alpha who commands all the warriors of his Clade and focuses their actions so that victory belongs to the Watchers.

The wise Viridian Alpha deploys with the Chigoe and Locust in battle as the powerful Viridian Clade to strike at the enemies of the Watchers. This boxed set includes six fantastic plastic and resin miniatures, a rulebook, tokens, templates, dice and the Action and Adventure card decks. This multi-part kit can build 3 Viridian as either Locusts or Chigoe.
The Viridian Clade Starter Set contains

Viridian Alpha
Chigoe Beta
Locust Beta
3 Viridian Locusts / Chigoe
6 Bases
Wild West Exodus Rules and Gubbins Set
A Softback A5 Rulebook
Condition Tokens
Blast and Torrent Templates
4 d10 Dice
Action Card Deck
Adventure Card Deck