Minions of the Source of Fate

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Release Date 4/15/2019
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Manufacturer Third Eye Games
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What is it like to be a monster? The Source is sometimes regarded as a fairy tale, some kind of bogeyman figure created to scare young gods into falling in line. The Outsiders know the truth however… the Source is returning and bringing the Coming Storm with it. Fated Minions of the Source is the second sourcebook for Part-Time Gods of Fate and reveals the mysteries of this elusive entity, as well as the many monsters and creatures who revere or detest its very existence.

This book includes: Information on the Outsiders’ various cultures, extensive communities and the ways they go to war. Details on the Source and how to create a Source to fit your story. Several new Outsiders and Relics, including Manticores, Black-Eyed Children and the mighty Sphinx. Three New Theologies to add to your Part-Time Gods game, all involving Outsiders directly. New Adventure Included!