Demon Hunters: Slice of Life (DVD)

Release Date 11/14/2018
Retail Price $19.99
Manufacturer Zombie Orpheus Entertainment
Category Novelties and Collectibles
UPC 9781944217075
Weight (lb) 0.184

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Punch a clock and take the gig. That's the fate of the B-team in Demon Hunters: Slice of Life—six stories about the less glamorous side of the demon hunting world that are funny because they're true.

In Missionary Opposition, Gabriel and Silent Jim get that old time religion while the Clean Up Crew goes into battle, mop first. Enjoy a dark-sided magic show for one night only in The Amazing Velma, then in Happy Anniversary, Wen, a succubus working for the hunters, has to face her own demons. For a room with a boom, Anti-Tank Sally answers fan questions in Ask Sally, then Don walks a sponsor down to Duamerthrax's lair for a meat-n-eat in Feed the Beast.

Special features include the Demon Hunters Brotherhood Orientation featurette and the short, Eat In or Stake Out.