JourneyQuest: Season 3 Blu Ray

Release Date 6/27/2018
Retail Price $19.99
Manufacturer Zombie Orpheus Entertainment
Category Novelties and Collectibles
UPC 9781944217020
Weight (lb) 0.145

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Stuck in the wilderness for five years on a quest that he never asked for, comedically inept wizard Perf (Christian Doyle) finally has a chance to sleep in a real bed. In a real town. In something approximating civilization. But first, he'll have to evade his keen-eared companion, the elf Nara (Anne Kennedy Brady), who is driven to achieve her destiny at any cost.

Meanwhile, the Pale Lady (Paige Barnett) weaves a web of doom around our heroes in pursuit of her plans for the undead priest Carrow (Brian Lewis). Rilk (Jesse Lee Keeter) and his orcs pursue the psychotic orcslayer Glorion (Kevin Pitman), and two competing bards (Fran Kranz and Emilie Rommel Shimkus) battle for ownership of the world's most important epic.

The journey... that is, the quest... the JOURNEYQUEST continues in this third season of the acclaimed fantasy comedy series, presented here as an uninterrupted feature film.